Illuminating the Goddess

As I approached the lobby of Goddess X's place of business I noticed a note addressed to me by name that told me directly into her studio and to close the door. Once in there I found Goddess X passively laying on the table eyes closed and a note in the reclining chair to close the blinds, press "play", listen, and then proceed with hypnotizing her.

Yep, I said "hypnotizing her". It is actually my second experience where I am the sole hypnotist – I had hypnotized her once in conjunction with Goddess N and once before in a session I had not blogged.

When I am hypnotizing someone I dedicate myself to their agenda so of course I needed to know what she was wanting or needing this time. We do not talk as much as we once did mainly because taking over the world is hard work and reduces the opportunities for casual chats. However, I had a pretty good idea and knew that I would get the rest from her if appropriate.

Without addressing her I looked around for which "play" button to press. Perhaps it was her mini recorder, perhaps it was that one that uses a mechanical motor, or perhaps it was her multi-function boom box. Her studio is neat but busy in that there are decorations and interesting things on just about every surface so it would be easy for a recorder to be nesting and overlooked. I searched without touching anything before proceeding to her boom box. It had a tape and a CD – which to play? Don't you hate those stylish but cryptic unlabeled buttons some devices have? I tried the tape first and ended up forwarding it (or rewinding?) before landing on what seemed to be the play button. Hmm, no sound. So I hunted forward and back on the tape a bit – still no sound.

If this sounds a bit fumbly it is because it was. There seems to be something about her studio that makes electronic devices uncooperative. As I was searching for the recording Goddess X bought herself out of trance so she could find out what was wrong. I was disturbed that her plan and preparation was not working as expected and that whatever mental state she had achieved had been put aside, at least temporarily, due to these problems. Well, it didn’t make a sound for her either.

We laughed about it a bit and she popped into another room and told me it might take 3 minutes. While waiting we talked about whether I had been wanting to do this and if I wanted to hypnotize Goddess N. We also clarified her agenda a bit and she discussed a new business insight she was considering. From the next room came one of those Microsoft windows chimes that indicated the end of burning a CD. We chatted more about some business ideas and some opposition she had recently encountered. She then popped the CD in, verbally instructed me to listen to the first track and then to proceed with her.

It was another one of her therapeutic recordings (not submissively charged). She is good, and so are her recordings. The induction was a subtle progressive relaxation along with focus on internal body sensations and breathing and implanted a reinduction trigger to be used on oneself. The core message in the recording was supportive of daily achieving your goals. The recording ended with a choice of drifting off to sleep or awakening. I arose to cut off the tape as it got to the details of awakening. I was admiring her hypnosis skill set as expressed in how her voice tones and volume changed over the course of the recording to match the desired reaction.

Milton Erickson was a big advocate of using whatever was situationally available, either concepts the tranced one had brought with them or things from the environment, as the basis on which to build the trance magic. Well, the recording we both had just listened to gave me some of these. I told Goddess X that it was time to relax and I used the trigger from the tape a few times interwoven into the conversation but emphasized. Also following the lines of the tape I had her be aware of body sensations, particularly that of gravity pulling her down into the table.

Working spontaneously and without much time to prepare, I built on the theme of achieving her goals and wove into it two analogies, that of traveling and one involving a gem. At the summit of both analogies was a connection between them, where the two together was much more than either alone. I was thinking that I was either being excellently clever, or that I was involving too many things. As it wrapped up she moved her hand outward and I took hold of it to build on that bond of ours, to let her feel the confidence I have in her, to feel the energy in that connection, and to be jazzed up from it. She became verbal and asked me about something. Aaagh, I was caught, because what she had asked about was a place where I took a small change in focus and I knew at the time that I had done that with a seam in the transition. Well, I had wanted to not be too specific because her mind would fill it in as it needed to be, but I had shifted a bit so I clarified it.

The trance ended without any formal transition. The nature of suggestion is cumulative and trances are not the only place it occurs, so I made sure that I stayed on target in all of my statements. This included discussing the analogies used (and in so doing emphasizing the important points) and sharing a true store from my personal experience that paralleled the core point.

Nowhere in here was there any mention of surrender, submission, or control. These were not relevant to what she needed and I did not even think about it at the time. This was not a "you are in my control" sort of trance, it was a "lets look with new clarity at what you already know" sort of trance.

I called her two days later on another issue and at the end she told me that some magical effects may be happening and that she would tell me later. I want to know!


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